Interchangeable Pencil Picture Prop

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The first and last day of school is always a super exciting time... our interchangeable photo props are the perfect way document and watch your little ones grow, change and mature year after year!

Step ONE: slide the grade insert desired into the slot and attach the corresponding pencil top

Step TWO: pose your little model in their first day of school outfit

Step THREE: snap a photo to preserve this special memory 

Step FOUR: repeat steps one through three on the last day of school with the opposite pencil top

Step FIVE: compare the two pictures.

Step SIX: laugh, cry, drink, smile, etc. at the insane change and growth that your little one has experienced throughout the year. 

Step SEVEN: repeat again year after year 


Select from daycare-5th grade or daycare to 12th

Custom attachments such as pre k 3, pre k 4, or high school are available for 1.00 each.

Please do not hesitate to message if you have any addition questions or special request.

All items are laser cut from wood and hand painted. Please be mindful that there may be slight variations in the wood and/or paint.

Interested in wholesale? Please message us to find out more!