Christmas Eve Box

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Personally, gifting Christmas Eve crates has easily become one of my favorite Christmas traditions.

The idea is that you fill the box with goodies to help make the night before Christmas extra magical.

My personal favorites are jimmies, a Christmas movie, popcorn, hot chocolate, cookie decorating supplies, reindeer food, and a special book... Anything that would make for an extra special family night that will be full of memories that we will cherish forever. 

This Christmas Eve Box is approximately 12x6.5x7.5 and can easily fit all of your Christmas Eve goodies. 

The best part... it breaks down for east convenient storage!

All pieces easily slide together! While there is some assembly required there is no glue, screws or nails involved!

Comes personalized with your family or child’s name and can be used for years to come.

Need ideas of what to put in your Christmas Eve Box?
The options are endless, but here are just a few of our favorite ideas:
~ Pajamas
~ Slippers
~ Christmas Movie
~ Christmas Book
~ Reindeer Food
~ Snowman Soup
~ Letter from Santa
~ Socks
~ Playing Cards
~ Candy Canes
~ Small Christmas Toy
~ Cookie Decorating Kit
~ Christmas Stuffed Animal
~ Christmas Coloring Book
~ Christmas Cup
~ Christmas Craft Kit – or grab the supplies from one of these easy and fun Christmas Crafts for Kids
~ A Personalized Christmas book with your child’s name
~ An Ornament – or make one of these easy Salt Dough Ornaments

Really the options are ENDLESS because no matter what the entire family is going to love this Christmas tradition